Advice To Westchester And Putnam Home Sellers DO NOT HIBERNATE OVER THE WINTER

Dated: 01/06/2018

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It was 2o Fahrenheit this morning when I headed out to show some homes.  It was a whopping 12 degrees when I headed back in the afternoon.   The streets in lower Westchester were hard to maneuver as cars were still encased in snow on the side of the road.  None the less, I’m happy to be out in the cold because I know that my clients are determined to purchase a home this month.  It is important to them to find the right home and secure a contract before someone else snags it first.  They are committed to being in their new home before spring.  This will happen. Image title

Therefore, I put on my hat and gloves and met with my clients who were dressed for skiing (apart from the skis) and we “plowed” through the homes that were available to tour.  Inventory is low this time of year and there are serious, anxious buyers who are simultaneously chasing after the same few homes.  Not surprisingly, this often ends in a bidding war. 

The sellers who have their homes on the market this time of year stand a far better chance of being seen by serious, die-hard, snow-trudging buyers.  While those who wait to list in the spring are missing the opportunity of being one of the few homes in a low-inventory market. 

My clients are submitting a bid tonight on one of the homes they saw today.  When they acquire the house they want this month, it Image titlewill prove to be well worth the effort of putting on an extra layer of clothes and walking through a little snow.  In the springtime, they’ll be planting flowers in their new garden and relaxing in a hammock instead of house-hunting.

Sellers, keep in mind that this is not an uncommon event. The buyers are out there looking at homes before and after work on weekdays, taking days off from work and spending entire weekends visiting homes instead of swishing down the slopes.   Tomorrow, I’m putting on my hat and gloves again to show another set of determined buyers homes in Putnam County.

The sellers who are NOT hibernating are the ones whose houses are being seen!

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